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Have Kids, Still Travel

Just a little announcement (forgot to mention it before!) that West and I are blogging about our travel adventures on our new(ish) blog, Have Kids, Still Travel.

I’m still posting here, of course, but for specifics about the places we’re visiting and travelling with kids you can check out the new blog – we’d be happy to have you along for the ride! 

Thanks for reading!


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Ready, Set, Go!

faith by Thomas Hawk on flickr


Our boys sat on the plane and wriggled with anticipation.  As if poised for the starter’s gun, they were all wound up for the Ready, Set, Go!  

The moment they’d been waiting for soon arrived; the plane bumped along to our runway and the engines roared as the speed picked up and we were up, up, and away.  

On the brink of our trip, our boys were getting more and more caught up in the excitement of it all.  C was counting down to our departure with delight; the older two were tallying the number of planes and countries and continents that lay ahead.

While West and I sorted, boxed, decided, discussed, planned, and discarded (things. plans. ideas.), the kids just revelled in all the fun that awaited them.  We parents were burdened with the logistics and financing of our move and subsequent travels, and with the pain of parting from this life we had known and loved (and the people we were leaving behind).  But the kids’ carefree attitude may be summed up by C’s gleeful sing-song to his teachers and classmates on the last day of school in June:

“Bye!  See you never – except for visits!”

Kids, it turns out, aren’t fully conscious of the pain or permanency of good-byes.  They’re not worried about unforseeables.  They don’t concern themselves with the challenges that undoubtedly lie ahead.  Our kids are trusting and hoping and looking eagerly forward to the future.  They trust that we, as their parents, have everything in hand.

I was ruminating on this the other day, and I was reminded of Jesus exhorting believers to have ‘faith like a child.’  My kids were, by and large, blissfully immune to the stresses and strains of our last few weeks in Canada and the challenges that lay ahead.  Why?  Because they could count on us to sort out the details.

Having faith like a child doesn’t mean that difficulties won’t arise.  It doesn’t mean that everything remains uncomplicated in our lives.  But it does mean always trusting, always hoping, and always looking forward eagerly to the future.  Because we can count on God to sort out the details.

He’s got it all in hand.

Ready, Set, Go!