About Me

I’m Mamma to four blue-eyed boys and wife to one blue-eyed man.  I love pink but I’m surrounded by blue and I love that, too.  I am an imperfect but passionate Christian, striving to show love and grace to those around me.  Sometimes I am mired in a sense of inadequacy as a mother/friend/wife/daughter(-in-law), etc, but I feel fortunate to be regularly restored to some measure of productivity and contentment by my faith that there is a bigger picture of which I am a small, fragile, but beautiful (in spite of myself) part.

I wrote this to a friend recently, and I think it encapsulates my current parenting experience:

“…it is a hard, challenging, exasperating job which also has the fringe benefit of filling your heart up so completely with the good stuff that somehow, illogically, it balances out.  But I’m never with the parents who extol the endless virtues of their children while patting themselves on the back for a job well done – I’m with the others, toiling in the mines of parenting and reveling in the rare but precious nuggets of gold to be found in the midst of it.”

My beloved, maddening, amazing, challenging sons:

A. Born January 2005. Freckles.  Affectionate.  Loving. Generous. Melodramatic. Hypochondriac. Love languages: gifts, physical affection

B. Born November 2006. Cheeky grin, dimples. Energetic. Risk-taker. Sensitive. Noisy. Confident. Loves patterns, especially nonsensical ones (a bit OCD in this)

C. Born November 2008. Soft curls and sweet smile (bats those baby blues and gets his own way – when he’s not at home!). Stoic. A Loud Singer. Cuddly.  Loves to help. A lover of all things sweet.

D. Born August 2012. Toddling and babbling and doing all those sweet baby things.  Loves his brothers and anything with wheels.  First joke:  “What does a tiger say?” D. responds (with mischievous grin): “Mooooo!”

My long-suffering, beloved husband:

Westley (West), who always treats me like his own Princess Bride

Ashbee quoteI’m on Facebook, too – check out my page: http://www.facebook.com/autocratricks

Thanks for reading!


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