The Dummy

I started writing this in my head in the wee hours as I ransacked the house for the baby’s dummy – and after it had been found and I had returned to bed and lain there, frustratingly and itchingly awake for some time, I eventually just got up and wrote it down.


A Note To My Husband About the Pacifier

To My Dear Husband:

Thank you

For acting so decisively

When I expressed concern

That the baby’s num-num*

Was too small

And that he might

Cram it in his mouth

And choke

You took those suckers (soothers)

And you threw them in the bin

So that now

We only use

One type of pacifier

That is sold in

One store

In the whole country

And that is now

Out of stock

Thank you

That when I searched

At three AM



And frantic for the soother

To mute the squawking

That might wake the others

You chuckled at my panic

Looked again

And just found it

I am so grateful

Because now

In this house

We only have

One dummy

Make that two








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